Getting Your Daufuskie Island Ferry Tickets

When you vacation in beautiful Hilton Head, you expect a certain degree of beautiful sights and fun adventures. Sometimes at the same time. Most everything here is on the water, or involves the seashores, which is why nature lovers often flock to this destination. With that said, there are dozens of things to do, see, and explore, and this article gives you the ins and outs of snagging Daufuskie Island Ferry tickets. As a rundown, you should know that we operate the Official Daufuskie Ferry (out of Broad Creek). There are lots of opportunities for island exploration and miles of marshlands and oceans to awe over.   Read More

Taking in a Daufuskie Day Trip on Your Vacation

Daufuskie Island is a 50-minute morning ferry ride via the Delta Lady from Broad Creek docks at 18 Simmons Road on Hilton Head Island. You should arrive at the Enjoy Daufuskie Reservation Window (at the marina) 30 minutes before your departure. Once on board, make yourself comfortable on the boat and feel free to peek over the railings for wow-worthy views of the sea and surrounding landscapes.  Read More

Book Signing & Heritage with Roger Pinckney

Join us this Sunday, October 8th, at Freeport Marina for a book signing and more! The fun starts at noon! Author Roger Pinckney will be signing copies of his newest book, "Crying in the Wilderness". Meet and greet a Marsh Tacky, and enjoy live music from Danielle Hicks & The Resistance Band! Call 843-342-TOUR (8687) for ferry reservations!  Read More

What To Know About the Daufuskie Ferry Schedule

The Official Ferry over to Daufuskie Island, has daily schedules that we keep updated for your convenience here. Click on the link, bookmark the resource, and check back often before you make reservations based on the schedule. With one easy call to 843-342-8687, visitors can make reseravations for ferry tickets and all of thier activities.   Read More

Ideal Lowcountry Backdrop for a Wedding or Event

Are you planning a special event and looking for a fun and unique place for your celebration? Do you want something different and fun and something folks will be talking about for years to come? Consider The Bloody Point Lighthouse or Freeport Marina for a coastal affair with a sultry Lowcountry ambience your guests will not soon forget!  Read More

History Lesson: Southern Live Oak Trees

Southern live oaks are majestic trees that are emblems of the South. When given enough room to grow, their sweeping limbs plunge toward the ground before shooting upward, creating an impressive array of branches. Crowns of the largest southern live oaks reach diameters of 150 feet—nearly large enough to encompass half of a football field! On average, though, the crown spread is 80 feet and the height is 50 feet.  Read More

Memorial Day Weekend - 3 Days of Live Music Salute

Join us this Memorial Day weekend in honor of our brave, fallen heroes! Enjoy 3 days of live music and fun starting this Saturday! It’s also time to “unofficially” kick off the start of summer on Daufuskie Island. If you are looking for some fun in the Carolina sun, make plans to join us at The Old Daufuskie Crab Company for a weekend long Memorial Day celebration you won’t soon forget!  Read More

Unique Names Day - Where Daufuskie Got Its Name

March 7th (say some) is Unique Names Day! Do you know where Daufuskie got its name from? Do you have a unique name? Or maybe one of your friends or family members does? Today, take a moment to appreciate one-of-a-kind names like DAU-FAU-SKI!   Read More

What in the World is a Scuppernong?

Think of the scuppernong as the South’s super grape; and we grow it right here on Daufuskie Island. The good news is that these resilient grapes are as tasty as they are good for you! It outlasts scorching temperatures that would shrivel the pinot, chardonnay, or gamay (and provides forty times more antioxidants). Its unusually thick skin keeps the bugs at bay. And it makes the perfect wine!   Read More

Make a Traditional Southern New Year's Day Dinner

According to popular folklore, there are certain dishes a good Southerner should eat on New Year's Day. These yummy dishes are designed to bring good luck throughout the year and are so delicious, we think you just might want to give them a try!  Read More